Commercial Real Estate

Chafia Capital Partners has a proven track record of investment in commercial real estate located in the Northeast. Chafia continues to establish its presence in various commercial markets with an emphasis on the New York Metro area. Since 2003, Chafia Capital Partners and its affiliates have invested in numerous mixed use and multi-family commercial properties. Current and past investment interests have consisted of hotels, hundreds of residential and commercial units, as well as acres of developable land. Chafia Partners continues to concentrate on acquiring new real estate investments throughout the Northeast and other areas, along with efficiently and attentively managing its existing real estate portfolio.

Investment Approach

Chafia Capital Partner’s commercial real estate investment strategy is characterized by a disciplined style that focuses on purchasing commercial real estate assets at attractive valuations and the ability to enhance an asset’s value through rigorous due diligence. Chafia Capital seeks transactions involving undermanaged and underutilized real estate assets. The firm also has experience in improving a property’s intrinsic value at both the financial and operational level by enhancing a particular asset’s overall cost profile and utilizing its expertise in leasing and property management. Chafia Capital Partners places utmost priority in acquiring assets that it perceives to be undervalued based on a variety of measures, including purchasing commercial property at a discounted cost basis to a percentage of its replacement value. Appropriate cash flow and financial metrics are also analyzed closely in the context of valuation. Chafia Capital believes that a suitable level of risk management directly relates to a more predictable and limited downside and should ideally accompany a purchase at favorable valuations.

Real estate investments should be viewed in a comprehensive managerial sense like any business. Attention should be given to all functional areas, including operations and property management. This is accompanied by overhauling the manner in which certain properties are approached in terms of capital improvements and cost management as well as marketing as it relates to leasing and product positioning. Ideal opportunities may also arise for the development of non-traditional property types and the redevelopment of existing sites located in markets in which additional new construction is not practical. Commercial real estate that is either abandoned or perceived as to having limited potential use by the market place can prove to be very compelling to Chafia Capital’s creative management team.

Commercial Real Estate Advisory Transaction Solutions and Joint Ventures

Chafia may also be involved in transactions in which it acts in an advisory capacity or a joint venture partner. Knowledge and expertise of focus markets can provide Chafia Partners with the ability to potentially work with other larger investors and developers in planning and implementing various projects and strategies. Chafia Capital Partners can deliver financial structuring solutions and innovative deal concepts through its management team’s experience in working with a variety of different types of transactions. In certain circumstances, Chafia Capital will also commit to co-investment and joint venture transactions, including deals in which Chafia will act as a lead advisor and investor. The possibility of synergy creation exists for joint ventures as Chafia Capital Partners and its partners are potentially capable of combining respective resources and competencies for larger and more sophisticated transactions.

Courtyard by Marriott developed in Hershey, PA in a joint venture between Shaner Hotel Holdings, LP and Chafia Capital Partners

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